Building Durable Custom Barns and Garages

When you need sturdy yet affordable custom barns and garages, call N1B. We offer you the best quality-built custom garages and barns that last. Our family-owned-and-operated business has been running for over 14 years, so rest assured that we’ll provide you with great products and excellent customer service.

Upgrade Your Garage According to Your Specific Needs

In case you did not find what you are looking for in our sample works, we can build a garage according to your specific needs. Just call or text today to let us know how you want your building to be. We can customize its colors, types of windows and doors, and other components.

Standard Building Specifications

The information below states the inclusions of some buildings we offer. Please be advised that some standard features may vary according to your state’s specifications.

Standard for 12′ to 24′-Wide Building

  • 4′ or 5′ Centers
  • 29-Gauge Roofing
  • With Cement Anchors
  • Braces on Every Leg 8′ or Taller
  • Units on Concrete Certified 115–140 and 30/35/50
  • With a Frame 1′ Shorter Than the Roof's Length

Standard for 26′ to 30′-Wide Building

  • 4′ or 5′ Centers or Less
  • 29-Gauge Roofing
  • With Braces on Every Leg
  • Welded Center Truss
  • Cement/Mobile Home Anchors Included
  • Certified 140–170 Mph and 35–50 psf

Standard for Commercial Building 32′–60′ Wide and 8′–20′ Tall

  • 4′ Centers
  • 12 or 14-Gauge Steel
  • Welded Trusses
  • 26- or 29-Gauge Roofing
  • With Braces on Every Leg
  • Cement Anchors
  • Mobile Home Anchors
  • Vertical or Lap Siding Panels
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 1-Year Workmanship Warranty

Other Offerings

  • 12-Gauge Steel Upgrade
  • 26-Gauge Metal Roof Upgrade
  • Certified 32'-40' Wide - 140mph/30 psf
  • Certified 32'-40' Wide - 115mph/50 psf
  • Certified 42'-60' Wide - 140mph/30 psf
  • Certified 42'-60' Wide - 115mph/50 psf
  • Florida Certified 170 mph


  • Moisture Barrier 4.3 R Value
  • Climate Control 17 R Value

Important Reminders

Customers must provide a telescopic forklift to install buildings 15′ and taller, as well as for buildings 32′ – 60′. The lift must be able to reach 10′ beyond the height of the building. We will require an inspection of your site before we begin any installation process.

Warranty Information

  • 1-Year Workmanship Warranty From Installation Date
  • 14-Gauge Framing: 10-Year Warranty
  • 12-Gauge Framing: 20-Year Warranty


  • All of our warranties assume normal care and maintenance using water and mild soap. Using any harsh chemicals for our buildings is not recommended.
  • Our warranties are limited and non-transferable.


Our limited warranty does not apply in some instances, including:

  • Attack From Chemical Agents, Liquids, Fumes, or Solids Other Than Direct Rain Falling Onto Product That Is Under Warranty
  • Contact With Soils, Fertilizers, Ashes, or Other Moisture-Retaining Substances
  • Deterioration of the Sheet Caused by Contact With Green or Wet Timber or Treated Pine
  • Failure To Remove Debris and/or Failure To Provide Free Water Drainage, Including Internal Condensation, From All Surfaces of the Product
  • Installations Subject to Unusually Corrosive Environments at Any Time in the Future
  • Storms and Tempests or Other Natural Disasters


We recommend that you wash the paint film surface annually using mild detergent and clean neutral water. Do not clean the paint film using abrasives or chemical cleaners.

Learn More About Our Products

Check out the following resources below for more information about our buildings’ components and their specifications. You may also contact us for a consultation with our professionals.